Honky Tonk Ballroom

Honky Tonk Ballroom – Simon Richmond

©1997 – Weeping Tree Records

1. Honky Tonk Ballroom:

2. Whatever it takes is what I’ll do:

3. Listen to your heart:

4. Goodbye love, hello heartache:

5. This old flame:

6. Welcome to the club:

7. I don’t do sad anymore:

8. Have a little kiss or two:

9. Caroline (Waiting for me):

10. I know that you love me:

11. She took the ring off her finger:


(Liner notes) My sincere thanks to all of the following:

Jesus Christ, for all the gifts you give (I accept)
Pete Haywood, for help in straightening out the curves
All the musicians for sharing your gifts and your talents
Everyone out there in Radioland
Mike & Joyce Collier for moving things up a gear
The Danish connection (Henrik, Susanne and everyone…)
Bob Grady, Mr. Music Sweden
Songwriters everywhere, especially my friends Sheila Henderson and Adam Couldwell (“I am like a voice in the wilderness crying out” watch out for these guys…)
Andy Dawson at Bandwaggon Studios
Ruth Rose
Dave Randall
Anne Scott-Spencer, my oldest friend
Everyone at the Harteis/IBS Network
Mt biggest fan and believer, Wendy, and Rob and Rebecca, love you lots.

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