My memories of Simon

I knew Simon from Sherwood Hall Grammar School, Mansfield where our music paths crossed (my Dad was the music teacher there) from there on we remained friends, through his marriage to Wendy and seeing the kids at such younger ages, we enjoyed many of the same things and friendship carried on, we played American Football for ‘Mansfield Express’ and were involved in the inaugural set of matches against an Hawaiian college team at Nottingham

Forests ground in 1987 (I still have the pennant from it!), my ex-wife and myself were at the business meeting at the Swallow Hotel, Alfreton where he met Jeannette, we remained in touch over the next few years renewing, then over time and changes to our lives we lost some contact, contact I now wish I had kept up with,  our friendship grew once again through Facebook from 2009, Simon helped me through a time of deep depression in 2011 even though he was going through what he was. He led me to safety unselfishly and I value and miss him as a true friend, a great person that I had known for about 35 years.

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